420 is usually associated with a controversial plant that has brought agony and ecstasy to millions around the world.  However, the 4/20/12 ORG: Intoxication show at Oberon was nothing but ecstasy. The show was produced by singer Mali.  She started off the show with a righteous explanation of 420, and the true meanings of the word intoxication.  She rocked out to a version of White Rabbit that would cause even the straightest of edges to get a groove on.  Shana Falana was next up.  She continued the groovy trip with her sticker covered Gibson SG that sent sonic echoes flying with the accompaniment of drums.  Her flying dreamy sonic vibes fit perfectly with the loops of video by Noah Blumenson-Cook.   A short film by Bill Domonkos continued the show with a series of nostalgic images.  After the video, Shiri Rajuli brought the good vibes with good energy and sultry vocals.  Honeycircut added to the good vibes with her hooping and dance skills.  Diana Loan raised the dead with her very good impression of Amy Winehouse. All eyes followed her around the place as she swayed and sashayed and drank from the back to the front.  Back on the stage Dezrah the Strange brought his own personal magic.  Breaking his own taboos on alcohol, he was able to prove to the audience that he could walk on glass, swallow needles, and find that card that was chosen from the deck.  It was not a simple let me guess your card track, but one of those tricks that included a seemingly endless string pouring out of his mouth, and locked boxes.  Mali came back for more goodness, before and after the intermission.  The most important thing she told the audience (with the help of insight from piano player Mika Cooper) was the proper way to pronounce In vino veritas.   It’s with a “w” sound for the V for those of you keeping score.  

The second act was just as good keeping with the trippy vibe alive and kickin.  The short film by Bruce Alcock and a group of amazing animators literally put poetry in motion with a beautifully produced version of the poem, “At the Quinte Hotel.”  After the film were the Wondertwins.  Wonder is not just a marketing gimmick.  These dancers (and real life twins) were amazing.  They mixed pop, soul, robotics, and storytelling through a dance routine that has to be seen to be believed.  Words cannot do it justice. It is no wonder (pun intended) that they have toured with Bobby Brown through the US and Europe.   To close out the night the once circus pit band Cirkestra rocked out with sousaphone, sax, violin, drums, and accordion to covers of the Doors and Led Zepplin.  While the final set up was prepared, Mika Cooper explained the fascinating science of molecules and atoms and how they relate to intoxication.  Mali returned with her band and finished the night with homage to the Rolling Stones.  It was an intoxicating show.  It lived up to the theme and then some.     

I found out about this show at random, hence the Wild Card designation.  By chance I talked with Dezrah the Strange (via Facebook) and recommend this show.  Alas it was neither a trick nor a gag; it was a great collection of artists giving their own take on the term intoxication.   It was a great wild card show for the city of Boston.

– Rich Burns

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On Saturday, March 31st  I had the extreme fortune to see a show with some friends (friends who are  long time supporters of the arts and of my own artistic career).  This is one of the funnest ways I've received support as an artist actually – as anyone in the arts can tell you, it's hard as hell to get out and SEE shows when you are in them with any kind of frequency.

I was completely recharged by:  Tomas Kubinek Certified Lunatic and Master of the Impossible, at the Paramount Mainstage Theater presented by ArtsEmerson's 'The World On Stage' series.

Tomas Kubinek is a clown.  His one man show consisted of stunning stories from his childhood, playful surprise, magic tricks, manipulation of the audience, physical prowess, speaking in tongues, feats of flight, soulful chicken songs, and fire...  

During the show he leap from topic to topic, his character shifting and changing before our eyes like a flower blooming and closing and blooming again...  Throughout these unfurling moments we found ourselves to be a better audience for letting go and just being with him, for taking in the silliness we were handed and feeling in it a complete sublime.  This show transported me directly into the 5 year old girl I once was (who lives somewhere in my core still), I was watching with big eyes and an even bigger heart.  This show was a ride I never wanted to get off of.

I've seen a lot of clown over the years, in full disclosure I grew up in Maine, was professionally storytelling by the age of 11, I had the "New England Vaudeville Festival" and the rebuilding of Johnson Hall in my backyard, on a birthday I spent my time at Celebration Barn, and eventually (as an adult) found my way to studying at Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater.  Tomas's show is everything – and I do mean everything – that I look for in clown performance.  So personal are his stories, and so playful his point of view.  I find myself in one second screaming with laughter and delight, and in the next sitting sorrowful waiting for the beauty of a moment to turn again into abstract abandon.  

Abandon really is what the audience is left with...

After the show was finished Tomas sat on the lip of the stage to be there with his audience.  So many kids and adults alike waited patiently with a flicker in their eyes.  Each wanting to bask in the glow of his energy, wanting to ask questions about how he did a trick or how old he really was, wanting a hug , wanting a picture, wanting not to go...  The candle Tomas lit at the beginning of the show remained alight in each of us.

This, my friends, is what live theater IS FOR.

Thank you Tomas.  I look forward, with bright eyes and hunger for your next move, to seeing you again.

Vive la Liberté dans l'Art,
-UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb

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Vive la Liberté dans l'Art,
UnAmerika's Sweetheart, Karin Webb